Santa’s Economic Reality

If your plans are to spend less this Christmas holiday season, you’re in very good company.  There’s no denying that the 2008 Christmas holiday will see shoppers in the US spending less than in previous years.  One report has 37% of consumers reducing holiday spending this year compared to 27% in 2007.  Retailers are said to be bracing for the weakest shopping environment in 17 years in upcoming months.  As the holidays approach these numbers could go even higher.

In the midst of Santa’s cold splash of economic reality, there are always reasons to be optimistic. 

1.  Some major retailers are already offering up to 40% or more off of merchandise PLUS coupons.  As the holidays approach, expect these deals to get better and more compelling as retailers try to get you to shop.

2.  Prices on popular children’s toys have been discounted to $10-$20 by large retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, Toys ‘R’ Us and Kay Bee Toys.

3.  Black Friday deals could be better than ever!  Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and retailers are already advertising deals and leaking advertisements to well established online sites like and

There is also the chance that there is just no room to spare in your budget this year.  If that is the case, I saw one of the most creative ideas ever posted online by a member of a family experiencing tough economic times a few years ago that was unforgettable.  They decided to cut pictures from magazines of what they would give each other if they could and paste it in a card.  This is such an awesome idea because the sky is the limit and it really is the heartfelt thought that matters.  So why not paste a picture of an island paradise in a card as a gift for the hardworking superhero in your life.




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