A Few Good Gift

Well, maybe more than a few.  Seasonal gifts are great but so are gifts that keep on giving.

iPod shuffle

Angel Wreaths are ultra fabulous and are oh so soft to the touch.  They come in a variety of colors perfect for the Christmas holiday and other occasions.  L’Occitane makes awesome pomanders.  Scent this one with your favorite fragrance and wear it as a necklace.  You can also carry it on your key chain or clip it to your handbag for a unique fashion touch.  Starbuck’s annual ceramic cup ornaments are so cute and are highly collectible, not to mention very desirable at $4.95 each.  Product Red items have been available for several years now through various retailers.  With a portion of proceeds going to fight Aids, this little beauty from Apple is the gift that keeps on giving.


Current Time.com Cover

For the movie lover, Film Movement’s DVD of the Month is perfect!  I have loved Independent and foreign language films for years and wish I’d known about this earlier.  What a wonderful concept!  Giving the gift of news and world events is a must.  With all of the wonderful new ways to get information, the 2008 election in the US saw people lining up for good old fashioned black and white print.  We were looking for newspapers initially but later the hunt was on for news magazines of just about any kind.  Giving the gift of news and information in the form of Time or Newsweek Magazines or other subscriptions is suddenly cool again.  Oh Happy Day!

I’ll take just about anything made by All-Clad.  I love the pots and pans, they really do make a difference.  Yes, they are a little preciously priced, but you’ll never have to buy another pan again.  The measuring spoons and cups from Williams-Sonoma are perfect and affordable.

Ahh, Peppermint Bark.  I can’t even tell you how good this peppermint bark is from Williams-Sonoma.  I have just a little every year and it’s enough to keep me going for a nice long while.  Enjoy on a wintery evening with Crate and Barrel’s Double Chocolate Holiday Cocoa and game over!  Done!  Too delicious.  For the tea lover, Harney and Sons Master Tea Blenders makes an unbelievably good Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea.  Very cozy on a cold winter afternoon.  They also carry MarieBelle sipping chocolate.  Sipping chocolate for true connoisseurs.

Ask Santa for one of everything!


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