A Green Christmas List

Going green this Christmas for some means they will opt for a real Christmas tree grown locally instead of an artificial tree made with polyvinyl chloride and is likely imported.  For others it will mean sending recycled greeting cards or better yet e-cards and using recycled wrapping paper.  And yet for others going green will mean using energy saving LED lights on the locally grown tree that uses 90% less electricity than regular Christmas lights. 

Going green this Christmas also means larger numbers of consumers will be looking to purchase green gifts.  The list of products available is long and varied.  Here’s a list of gift ideas sure to get the attention of  the green gift lover on your list:  

1.  The gift of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  Community supported agriculture is a direct relationship between local farmers and consumers.  Consumers support the farm by purchasing shares of the harvest.  In turn they receive seasonal, fresh produce usually delivered to their door or to drop-off points on a weekly basis. 

2.  Reusable Bags are not just uber popular but they help you eliminate plastic bags which threaten aquatic life when littered and may take up to 100 years to degrade.  Besides, they’re just downright fabulous! Many great options are available for under $10.   

3.  Sigg Water Bottles are the coolest.  They’re  stylish bottles constructed with no seams from a single piece of aluminum.  Sigg bottles come in many colorful designs and have a proprietary baked-on inner liner made from a non-toxic, water based epoxy resin that exceeds FDA requirements for leeching (0.0%).  They’re tested to be taste and scent neutral.   

4.  Give the gift of compact fluorescent lighting and you’ll light up the life of a lucky green gift recipient for a long time to come. 

5.  The new MacBook might be the ultimate technology gift.  Many harmful toxins have been eliminated, highly recyclable, more energy efficient with packaging up to 41% smaller than previous generations!   Go Mac! 

6.  Green cleaning products are great gifts.  Orange Plus Complete by Earth Friendly Products is a fantastic super concentrated all-natural all-purpose cleaner.  A little goes a long way and it’s a steal at just $7.19 for 16 ounces.

7.  A donation to a green charity, defined as groups that work  to preserve the environment through advocacy, conservation and research, would be an awesome green gift. 

8.  Instructions on how to greenovate a home would be nice.  If you’re really generous, throw in the budget and workers to get the job done. 


Merry Green Christmas!






One Response to “A Green Christmas List”

  1. T Says:

    Although sending eco-friendly cards are more environment friendly than the regular paper cards, the process of shipping the cards to the customer home and then to the recipients’ home is still very bad for the environment. At least the use of eco-friendly cards reduces some environment pact.

    From my experience, the ecards are used quite a lot by people to keep in touch with their family and friends for holiday greeting, birthdays, or just saying hi. Some people may not think ecards are personal enough, but art-quality ecards (e.g. http://www.ojolie.com) with personal messages can express one’s sincerity just as well as typical paper cards. In addition, the ecards are so much more environment friendly (than even the eco-friendly paper cards) and can save money as well, pretty helpful during our current global economical downturn.

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