After Christmas Shopping

After Christmas shopping isn’t just for the millions returning gifts or spending gift certificates they received from Santa on Christmas day.  Among the millions heading to malls and shops are the budget conscious shoppers who every year scout out the best deals on gifts to give away during the upcoming year and next Christmas.  They also pick up fantastic decorations, Christmas cards and wrapping paper at super prices. 

Beginning the day after Christmas, merchandise can be found at 50%-75% off at many retailers.  In the  following weeks, when retailers are anxious to get rid of Christmas and holiday merchandise, these discounts can quickly go from 75% to 80% off and in some cases shortly after to 90% off.  

If there is a special item you really want, it might be a little risky to wait for deep discounts this year.  Given the current economy, many retailers don’t have deep stockrooms like in past years and some items simply won’t be available once they’re off the shelves.

After Christmas shopping isn’t just a big deal in the US, in London after Christmas sales are the British equivalent of Black Friday in the US.  Shoppers get in line early and work out strategies for getting the best deals available.


Top items to Shop for after Christmas   

1.  Ornaments

2.  Stocking stuffers for adults and children

3.  Decorations including glasses, dinnerware, linens, trays, Christmas crackers and other holiday themed items

4.  Holiday neutral gifts for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Birthdays, Father’s Day and Children’s birthday parties

5.  Winter clothing and gifts; cashmere, slippers, pajamas, robes, etc.

6.  Gift bags and wrapping paper to be used for the following Christmas and during the year. Look for holiday neutral colors like white, blue and pink

7.  Food items with Christmas labels are usually good for up to 1 year (check the label or call the manufacturer).  Unless you are giving them within the next few months, buy spices, coffees, teas, chocolate, cookies, nuts and other items to add to your own pantry

8.  New Years Celebration items such as colored champagne glasses, chocolates, trays and party theme colored merchandise.

9.  Christmas sweaters for adults and children – some people really like them!

10.  Christmas plants;  amaryllis, paper whites and holly – if you love plants, you’ll love these year round


Happy Bargain Hunting!




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