Hot Wheels, Cool Gifts

The 2009 holiday ramp up is in full swing.  Top ten gift ideas are being posted and places like the Art Institute of Chicago have already set up small ornament displays in their gift shops.  While there will be lots of focus on a variety of gift items for the 2009 holiday season, to get started, I thought I’d post a few ideas that are great for kids from one to ninety two.  These hot wheels are great to have around all year long.  

                                                                  Product Details          Product Details   Radio Flyer Classic Red 10-Inch Bicycle with Chain Drive  Product Details

For the wee ones, classic Radio Flyer red and white trikes, bikes and wagons are so awesomely cool.  Starting with a pretty cool rocking horse that even comes with sound.    The classic lights and sounds trikes come in red or pink and the ummistakable red wagon is perfect for piling kids and pets aboard for a trip to the farmers market.  Next up is the classic push trike, dual deck tricycle and 10 inch training bicycle.  They even offer a  recycled plastic earth wagon….environmentally conscious, fun and functional.  Go Radio Flyer!

Product Details                        

Unknown             Schwinn S2817 - Southport Women's 7 Speed Cruiser Bike - Schwinn S2817

The Schwinn Meridian and Town and Country adult tricycle cruisers are perfect for a ride around town or to the market.  Is it just me, or are these awesome bikes?  Lets not forget the classic cruisers, no stress here, it’s chillin’ all the way.
Last but not least, if you happen to run in to Santa any time of the year and he has an extra Vespa on his sleigh…I’ll take it!  I love this scooter.  What a cool and fashionable way to get around town.  For those of us who like a little extra kick, this is one set of hot wheels!

I’m Just Sayin’

Christmas 2009 alert!  I was at my local Costco warehouse club on Saturday and to my surprise…there was holiday ribbon in a fellow shopper’s cart.  I couldn’t believe it!  I put a little pep in my step and raced to see where on earth she got it.  Turns out…there was an entire aisle section of holiday ribbon right there…in August!  It was over 90 degrees on Saturday(hot)…this does not seem right in the Midwest!  No Santa stuff yet!

I expect to see Christmas decorations and such make their way onto the floors of department stores in late September, but August?  I’m still getting over the shock.   

So here I sit at my local library doing research and thought I’d take a break and search Christmas 2009.  To my further amazement, there’s page after page of information on available ornaments, decorations and recipe books for the 2009 Christmas holiday season.  2009 Krinkles, 2009 Waterford and the list goes on and on.   Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but I’m just sayin’….already!

The fact of the matter is that 2009 Christmas ornaments have been available for a little while now.  Decisions have been made about what will be popular this year, what themes will excite consumers and probably who will ride floats in local parades.  In less than two months, the sparkling lights of the holiday season will start to appear in department stores everywhere.  With only 136 days until Christmas, maybe it’s time to start checking the savings and thinking about making travel plans.  Yeah, I know it’s a little early, but before we know it September and October will have gone by and we’ll be on the countdown to Santa’s big day.  

I’m just sayin’