Gift Wrapping Ideas

Receiving a beautifully wrapped gift sparks excitement and even more interest and curiosity for the recipient.  Many think gift wrapping is overrated and wonder why the big deal?  Others wouldn’t dream of giving a gift without it being  wrapped in festive paper with an exquisite bow.  In my opinion wrapping a gift is like putting icing on a perfectly baked cake.  It’s gonna taste good anyway but a little icing adds a certain….something.  Think Tiffany, the blue box with the white satin bow lets you know there’s something special inside. 

There are no limits to how creative you can be when it comes to wrapping and presenting a gift.  You can place a gift in a box and wrap with regular store-bought paper or use the Sunday funnies all tied up with raffia or a colorful satin bow. 

Here is a short list of easy and doable gift wrapping and presentation ideas for the holiday season.

1.  From this photo only tells half the story.  These gifts are color coded so each family member knows which gifts belong to whom.  I love this idea because you can use special ribbon, paper or gifts tags to convey the same message.  It’s perfect and doesn’t give away any secrets.  Which gift belongs to whom can be your little secret until Christmas day. 

2.  There’s something really classy about receiving a gift in a clear cello bag with a big bow on top.  Cello bags can be used to package a variety of gifts such as food, wine and themed gifts.  They’re super easy to put together and look beautiful when finished.  Just place wine or food gifts in your cello bag along with items to add interest like cinnamon sticks, pine cones or other fillers and deck with raffia or a bright bow and a gift tag.  Voila, perfection!

Japanese Newspaper Gift Wrap 

3. The Sunday paper takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to the holidays.  This is one of the most eco-friendly ways to make use of the Sunday funnies and financial section.  I especially like the idea of using a pop of color against the black and white print.  A black or print grosgrain ribbon would be great too.  Keep it 100% eco by using a natural tie like raffia or twine.  Simple, useful and a sure conversation starter.

Christmas Gift Wrap

4.  Bakers and novices of all ages make cookies, fudge and other sweet and savory treats to give as gifts during the holidays.  What a neat and simple way to present them.  Dress up a reusable tin with a little green foliage. Try holly or a sprig of pine with a great ornament or pine cone.  A guaranteed favorite.

5.   One of my favorite gifts to give is a goody bag or mini swag bag.  The idea is simple, pick up a few or a lot of really special and useful items.  Assemble in a great gift bag lined with awesome paper or fabric and top it off with a bow, ornament or candy cane.  For example, a cheerful oven mitt paired with a few great kitchen gadgets like locking tongs, a matching spatula and kitchen towels would be great and useful.  Super easy and an idea for kids of all ages. 

  Mod Holiday Decorative Packing Tape

6.  Tape ain’t what it used to be.  Jazz up a gift or package with this decorative tape from The Container Store and

Wine bottles wrapped with dish towels

7.  Wrap bottles of wine, gourmet vinegars, olive oils and other food items using a festive holiday towel, fancy dinner napkin or a gorgeous swatch of fabric.  This idea works beautifully with homemade gifts in jars like cookie mixes, jams and relishes.  Simply position the item to be wrapped in the center of the fabric and gather snugly at the neck of the bottle or jar with a lush ribbon, raffia or twine.  Add a creative accessory to the bow like a wine stopper, jam spoon or even tiny colorful bells.  Make the fabric and accessories as fancy or simple as you desire.  A great presentation idea for a hostess gift.

8.  I love the idea of turning a simple container into a holiday masterpiece.  Cover the container with beautiful paper and attach gold and silver pine cones or holiday themed artificial flowers to the top for an elegant and unexpected look.  Simply leaving the container as is and lining with fun and elegant paper works great too.  Go wild with lots of style or keep it simple.  Use the finished product for themed gifts or all kinds.  Simple, easy and unexpected.


9.  From a distance you’d think by looking at these beautifully wrapped gifts that they are just more packages in pretty ribbons and bright colors.  Upon closer inspection you’ll notice a few simple and well placed eyes, furry noses and even faux fur wrapping.  An incredibly fun way to present a child’s gift.  This idea could easily work for adults with a little ingenuity.  These gifts are part of the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry’s Christmas Around the World Exhibit for 2010 featuring a Muppet-like theme.  So easy, creative and fun! 


Check out these links, references and resources for fantastic gift wrapping and presentation ideas. wrap


4 Responses to “Gift Wrapping Ideas”

  1. Beth Lacey Says:


    I really enjoyed your blog! I too really enjoy decorating for Christmas. This year has been so stressful for my husband and me with moving and health issues. You are helping to get me in the holiday spirit!


    • reindeerdreams Says:

      Hi Beth,
      Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed reading through Reindeer Dreams and hope you have a great holiday season and an even better 2010!

  2. rane jie Says:

    nice~! i like it~!

  3. A Little Christmas Gift from Me! | Cauldrons and Cupcakes Says:

    […] Image from […]

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