Last Minute Gifts

A few nice last minute gift options to consider.

1.  Lolita glassware is so much fun and a great collectible item.  They make perfect last minute gifts and can be found online and at retailers across the U.S.  Many of these dressed up wine glasses, ornaments, martini glasses and more come with a fabulous drink recipe on the bottom.  How cool is that!  


2.  A subscription to Netflix DVDs by mail is a great last-minute gift for an individual or a family.  Subscriptions start at $8.99 per month and 1-12 month subscriptions are available at a cost fit for every budget.  A great entertainment gift.

3.  Gift Cards never fail.  It is reported that 35% of Americans bought gift cards in 2008 and over 50% of consumers say they like receiving them.  As much as many of us feel like gift cards are a cop-out gift, not so!  They’re sure winners that allow recipients to buy whatever they want.  No sad faces or disappointments to deal with on Christmas day makes for a very happy holiday.


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