After Christmas Prices Now

While picking up last minute gifts, I noticed two things:

1.  Retailers are not waiting until after Christmas to have big clearance sales.  If you want it, you should probably get it now or very soon.  Many retailers have discounted Christmas and seasonal merchandise up to 50% heading in to the last week before the big day.  If you can hold out and are flexible, you will likely see merchandise at even bigger discounts a couple of days before Christmas.   It could very well be worth the wait.

2.  Christmas departments are shrinking super fast and the holiday cleanup has already begun.  This speaks to the accuracy of predictions made by analysts a few months ago that retailers would not be carrying much excess inventory.  Holiday merchandise is already reduced by half or much more in many cases.  Costco’s shelves are practically free of Christmas merchandise and what’s left is deeply discounted.  Valentines Day merchandise is not only in stock, but on shelves!

I like to do a little after Christmas shopping and already know where I’ll be picking up deals.  After Christmas sales are a great time to buy and store food items with extended expiration dates, wrapping paper, eco-friendly lights and much more.  See for a list of items to consider stocking up on at incredible prices after the holiday season.

Happy post-holiday season shopping!


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