HO HO Holiday Waistline

A 2007 New York Times blog article suggests that reports of holiday weight gain of 7-10 pounds are exaggerated.  Studies suggest that the average weight gain during the winter holidays is actually just a single pound. 

This all seems like pretty good news except that most people don’t ever lose the extra pound which can add up to excess weight over the years.   

I must admit, I’m not one of those disciplined people able to turn away from the mountains of delicious treats that pop up in stores and pour out of sweet-smelling kitchens every holiday season.  Fact is, I can’t imagine the holidays without sampling every sugary treat possible and overloading regularly on carb loaded side dishes.

The good news is you can have your cake and cookies too if you practice eating smart and in moderation.  As a fairly disciplined eater, I rarely deprive myself of a few sweet treats here and there. 

This holiday season is typical in that my sweets meter went way up and hasn’t started to fall just yet.  No fretting over a gingerbread latte, heavenly bliss bar or my favorite, peppermint bark ice cream.  Instead I’m counting on balancing healthy eating with holiday treats while drinking plenty of water and sticking to my regular exercise routine.  So far progress is good and no regrets!

What The Experts Say

 According to WebMD, portion control is the key when it comes to the holidays.  These 10 tips will help you avoid overindulging this holiday season:
1.  Never arrive hungry; have a nutritious snack beforehand or drink water before filling your plate.
2.  Divert your attention; focus on something other than the food at the party, like chatting or dancing.
3.  Pace yourself; munch at a leisurely pace.
4.  Count your canapes; track how many of those little treats you’re eating.
5.  Outsmart the buffet; use the smallest plate and stick to fruits and veggies while watching sauces and dips.
6.  Limit alcohol; avoid the calories and stay in control of yourself and what you eat.
7.  Be choosy about sweets; stick to small desserts that are worth the calories.
8.  Bring your own treats; when it comes to a potluck; make something healthy that works for you.
9.  Limit “tastes” while cooking; those extra calories add up.
10.  Walk it off; take a family walk and burn calories before or after a meal. 

Have a healthy and sweet holiday season!


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