Welcome to 2010

Thank you to everyone who stopped by Reindeer Dreams in 2009 and welcome to the New Year!  Christmas 2009 was  good and my New Year’s celebration was decidedly low-key after a being away from home for over a week at the end of the year.  I hope you were able to get in a little peace, joy and laughter this past holiday season and enter 2010 full of hope and optimism. 

My list of resolutions isn’t very long but I hope they are realistic.  Last year I resolved to lose weight and lost 35 lbs.  Even though I splurged big time on decadent treats this past holiday season, I resolve to stay fit and healthy and lose a few more pounds with little to no deprivation in 2010.  I also resolve to give, do, laugh and love more among other things.   

The year will bring its share of surprises, disappointments and new pages in history as every New Year does.  I honestly believing changing your thoughts is very powerful and that a spiritual connection is even more powerful, so I resolve to consciously work on these internal goals daily.  

However big or small your aspirations are for this day, week, month, year or decade,  I hope your year is filled with good things, good thoughts, good feelings and good deeds from and to you. 

Peace and Joy,
Reindeer Dreams

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