My Valentine

Based on shopper survey results, most couples will be spending less on each other this Valentine’s Day,  but more on friends, coworkers and pets.  

According to the National Retail Federation, couples plan to spend an average of $63 this year on their sweetheart, compared to $67 last year.  Men will spend twice as much on gifts as women. 

This news most likely doesn’t come as a surprise to many and if you happen to be in the market for a special gift, check out  a few of the sweet, red and stylish items we found below. 


Oceanic Light Siam Pierced Earrings              Sparkle Ring           David Donahue Sterling Silver Cuff Links        

1.  Oceanic light siam earrings and Sparkle ring from along with the David Donahue sterling etched paisley design cufflinks from Nordstrom are stunningly stylish bling.  A little sparkle and with just the right amount of pop, how can that bring anything but a smile to your Valentine’s face?  Perfect!



2.  A little something sweet for your sweetheart?  Route 29 caramels are so good I turn off the phone while eating them.  Mmm..mmm..good!



3.  If your guy likes a nice sterling ring or bracelet from time to time, the byzantine ring and bracelet from Tommy Bahama   just might be the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.  These incredible pieces were made exclusively for Tommy Bahama by Lois Hill.  Hill is one of the most popular and beloved jewelry designers around today, and she doesn’t disappoint with these lovely items. 















4.  The red sparkle and rose felt pillow from Pier 1 add a little glitz, glamour and romance to any Valentines Day celebration.   Even prettier up close.




5.  These slippers are the cutest I’ve ever come across in recent memory.  Goody Goody Bon Bon’s come in more than 50 styles for girls and women and make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.  They’re plush and elegant and for some reason ladies I know like to wear them on special occasions.  With a nice box of Godiva chocolates and a good DVD, your sweetie will be thanking you for months to come.

Whatever your status, married or dating,  Valentine’s Day is for everyone!  Have a little something sweet, pair it with a little something red, pick up a bouquet of flowers and let the celebration begin!  Enjoy!

 Check out a brief history of Valentine’s Day here:

Happy Valentine’s Day!