The Markets are Coming

The Farmers Markets are coming!  I couldn’t be more excited about the time of year coming up when I can get up on Saturday morning and head to my local farmers market, basket in tow, and bring home fresh local in season produce. Farmers markets are springing up everywhere these days, from bustling downtown city centers to local communities, making fresh produce and goods accessible and available like never before.  The buy local movement is HUGE and not just in the US.  It also goes far beyond produce to dairy, eggs, honey and much more.  One of my favorite sites to find out about local farmers markets and products is  It’s a snap to locate a nearby farmers market or community supported agriculture programs by putting in your zip code or city and state.  Fabulous!

In addition to great sites like the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service provides information to help locate farmers markets, start a farmers market and how to fund one as well.  Wait, there are even incredible apps like locavore, farmers market companion and available for your phone to help you locate markets.  These apps give great information about what’s in season, includes recipes and much, much more.

Have a great spring and summer full of fresh and local goodness!



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