Christmas Gifts Under $5

Oh how I love a great gift, especially if it can be found at fabulous price.  No need to fret if you don’t have the budget to spend wildly on Christmas gifts for everyone this year, cutting back is a trend that’s here to stay. Even with a tight budget and plans to spend less, there are some really awesome gifts available for $5 or less that are perfect for just about everyone on your list.  Here is a list of no stress great ideas to get you started.

1.  Bath and Body Works Slatkin and Co. candles are available in 1.6 oz sizes that burn up to 30 hours.  Priced at just 3 for $5 they are a steal and come in delightful fragrances like Pear Cranberry Belini, Lavender Vanilla, Twisted Peppermint, Fresh Balsam and many more.  I’ve purchased three already and can’t decide which one to burn first.

2.  I first tried Toothy Tabs from Lush about a month ago.  When I first saw them, I had to try them because they’re such a great idea and so novel but completely useful.  They’re all-natual tablets that turn into toothpaste when they’re moistened.  Honestly, they’re pretty cool and great for those who like to travel light.  They come in flavors like Ultrablast, Sparkle, Atomic and more.  Each box contains 40 tabs for only $3.95.

3.  Awesome children’s gifts can be found at, where smart, interesting and carefully chosen toys bring great experiences and education to kids all year long.  The mini Etch-a-Sketch, Doggy Incredibubbles and mini vehicle are all $5 or less and are sure to lead to hours of fun.  Keep an eye open for free shipping.  It is one of my favorite places to shop online for children’s gifts.


4.  A friend sent me an iTunes gift song this past summer which I thought was just amazing!  Why had I never thought of this?  What a great way to give a gift on a budget.  If you’re not into sending Christmas Cards, send a song instead.  Visit iTunes and make your song selections, send along a greeting and voila!  A gift that keeps on giving…

5.  A $5 gift card might seem like a cop-out, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, especially if the card is for a coffee drinker.  It’s holiday latte time.  This is when Starbuck’s serves Eggnog, Peppermint and other delish lattes and seasonal drinks.  Even McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Caribou and others get in on the holiday beverage action.  And the cards are printed in beautiful holiday designs.  Really a great gift.

6.  The Container Store has really unique stocking stuffers and small gifts that are useful, practical and even fun!  Anyone who wears eyeglasses will love Nosy.  It’s even perfect for holding your sunglasses and is just $4.99!  There’s also the Mini Micro Fuzzy Finger Mitt. You’ll find yourself cleaning everything from your smart phone to your shades.  It a steal at only $2.99, wow!

7.  Stop by Sephora for stylish styling tools.  I love the folding duo brow brush and lash comb and use it almost daily.  The face complexion brush is a gentle way to clean and exfoliate the skin.  Both are just $5 and make great gifts for the guy or girl in your life.



8.  This 12 days of Christmas from Crate and Barrel is even more lovely up close and a real steal at $4.95.  In the spirit of renew, reuse and recycle, this would make a great gift wrap for a nice bottle of wine or a jar of Christmas jam.





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