Christmas Decorating Trends

While driving home the other night, I took notice of a home that was fully decorated and illuminated for the Christmas season.  I wasn’t quite in shock, but almost!  My gosh, it was only November 9th!   On second thought, maybe those folks are on to something.  The Christmas holiday season is pretty short and why not get the party started a little early!

I love decorating for Christmas and will probably get started in no less than a week myself since I’ll be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday.  While visiting stores with wall-to-wall decorations for sale and talking to sales personnel, so far there seems to be a trend towards adding to current holiday themes vs. buying tons of new ornaments for a new look. It’s early and much like gift shopping, decorations can be an emotional purchase for consumers.  On a larger scale, many villages, towns and other commercial buyers are ‘freshening’ current looks given limited decorating budgets.

There are plenty of current decorating trend options to refresh, mix and add to your Christmas decor for the perfect holiday look.

1.   Trends toward comfort and nostalgia are expected to be big this year.  Experts say that in tough economic times, people turn to themes that remind them of family and bring comfort.  This includes styles, colors and themes that include snowmen, reindeer, nutcrackers and Santa.  Many retailers have updated these looks by making them more whimsical and fun.

2.  Nature and cottage themes are popular this year.  This is a traditional theme that incorporates bright and natural colors like traditional reds and greens with some sparkle and even white thrown in.  As a part of this theme, birds, forest animals and gingerbread men figure prominently.

3.  Jewel tones continue to be a trend, especially the peacock theme, but with a twist.  You might see a festive twist to the jewel tone look which could include colorful feathered masks, bright greens, blues, pinks and purples with over the top colorful picks in abundance as a large spray tree topper.

4.  Contemporary themes are strong with silver and gold and the mixing of the two.  White and tinsel Christmas trees have made a strong comeback.  Look for contemporary lines and colors in modern shades that are frosted with bling mixed in.  This theme might include additions of shades of brown and blue, adding a warm touch of holiday elegance.

5.  Red and white peppermint themes, polka dots and otherwise whimsical themes in everything from high-end enchantment to winter white forest add to the list of popular trending looks.    

Choose an entirely new theme or update your current look with a few key additions to your decor.  Whatever you decide, making it your own is what makes it special.

Happy Holidays!


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