Unique Christmas Gifts

A unique gift might be described as or understood to be distinctly characteristic or peculiar.  In my book there’s nothing peculiar about the sheer brilliance of some of these fantastic gifts:

1.  When it comes to being out of the ordinary, few do it better than Uncommon Goods.  This open mouth Face Mug goes far beyond being a conversation starter!  This unforgettable item can be found at uncommongoods.com for $18.

2.  Who knew fun and function could be so cool when it comes to needing a tissue.  This is the Tiki Head tissue box cover which blends right in with the most unique surroundings.   A hot seller at amazon.com for $19.99.

3.  My favorite things on this list of uniqueness are the Rubber X-Bands.  The X-shaped Bands can be used for everything from organization to gift wrapping. So cool and just $5 for a pack of 4 at the MOMA gift store, www.momastore.org. While you’re there, check out the ultra fabulous Toast It Coasters and the Legal Paper Paperweight.   These items sell for $10 and $28  respectively.  Such a fabulous place to shop!

4.  Two absolutely beautiful gifts for the young and young at heart are the Construction Plate and utensils and the Garden Plate and utensils from Uncommon Goods.  These delightful items are PVC. phthalate and BPA-free.  Items range in price from $14.95-$17.50. Find them at uncommongoods.com.

5.  Urban Outfitters has a department on their website called ‘Throwback.’  That means it’s old stuff made new again!  There are some pretty awesome items in the throwback department, like Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots and a Pac-Man alarm clock.  One item sure to be a hit is the Native Union Prop Phone Handset.  Yep, a pretty long name but a cool handheld set that comes in five colors and  plugs right into your mobile phone. Chat away in 80’s style!  Check it out at urbanoutfitters.com for $35.

Happy shopping!


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