New Christmas Music 2012

This is a great year for Christmas music with an abundance of new offerings from the likes of Roberta Flack, Rod Stewart, Colbie Caillat and C-Lo Green just to name a few.  Whether you like to keep it classic, funky or smooth, there are some fabulous tunes to add to your Christmas music collection this year.

Feast your ears on this new music and bring on the Christmas holiday season!

1.  Rod Stewart’s ‘Merry Christmas Baby’ adds a smooth and soulful touch to the holidays.  Renditions of some of the best known and loved classics like ‘White Christmas’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’ make this is an instant classic.

2.  ‘CeeLo’s Magic Moment’ is indeed magical.  No one does music quite like he does and this masterpiece is no exception.  This is must have Christmas music that will keep you moving and listening.  On top of that, the vocals are incredible!

3.  Jackie Evancho is 12 years old with a classical angelic voice far beyond her years.  What an incredible talent!  Magnificent and moving music for the Christmas holiday.

4.  Colbie Caillat brings her distinctive, low-key but smooth style to the Christmas holiday with ‘Christmas in the Sand.’  The great thing about Christmas music is when you add your own spin and style it can work for just about any genre.  I bet you won’t see another Christmas CD with a beach scene on the cover!

5.  I stumbled upon Beegie Adair’s music and am so glad I did.  She’s a fabulous jazz pianist and her music is not to be missed.  This ‘Christmas Cocktails’ CD is great background music for the holidays or just creating a mellow mood.  Lovely.

6.  Roberta Flack’s voice has been described as classy, sophisticated, urbane and smooth.  This CD is a repackaged release of a 1997 Christmas album with at least one new song.  I loved her voice way back in the day.  Here’s the big deal-check out the snowflake afro!  Haute classic!

7.  Epic Sax Man Kenny G brings sweet jazzy sounds to the holiday season with ‘The Classic Christmas Album.’  This is smooth jazz at its best and will get you through the holidays on a high note.

8.  Luther Vandross was the voice of a generation and left a legacy of soulful sounds that will be imitated for many years to come.  This incredible CD is an updated classic which includes his most beloved Christmas songs.  I have so many Luther favorites like ‘Every Year, Every Christmas,’ ‘At Christmas Time,’ and ‘May Christmas Bring you Happiness.’

Check out these links for more Christmas music ideas.

Happy Listening!


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