The Christmas Flower

The poinsettia is known the world over as the Christmas flower.  I couldn’t resist posting a photo of this gorgeous tree gracing the lobby of a downtown Chicago office building I passed by earlier this evening.  This tree is made up of a large number of potted poinsettias on round metal frames producing a lovely and unique alternative to the traditional evergreens of the season. Gorgeous!


On a much smaller scale, the 99 cent poinsettias from Home Depot on Black Friday were a great buy.  I picked up several, then made a trip to my local florist for metallic foil wrapping and got great ideas for dressing up a simple plant for the Christmas season.  Here I’ve added layered bows and a small ornament to a peppermint cream poinsettia for a bit of color and pizzazz.


Plants add great color and life to the holiday season.

Merry Christmas!