About those resolutions..

Here we are one week into the New Year and I am still pondering the meaning of resolutions.  Oh Yes..the wonderful process of looking back over the year from whence we’ve come and go about making grand plans about all of the things we vow to do differently going forward. We take ourselves on an emotional journey where we reflect on the highest highs and reluctantly revisit the lowest lows and all that sits between.  We set goals and resolve to make this THE year!  The year when that 20 pounds will be history, when we’ll exercise five times a week, get a new job, travel abroad or give, give, give and live, live live!  Yes, this will be the year.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to knock resolutions.  I think it’s good to make plans, set goals, book dates and all the like.  I’ve been making plans most of my adult life, even when life showed me it had a very different agenda.  Somehow things seem different for 2014.  This year doesn’t feel right for making plans but perhaps for holding steady and staying the course. This new slightly apathetic feeling toward New Year’s resolutions sent me into a bit of a tailspin and even caused me to unravel a bit.  Being of the analytical sort, planning is what I’ve always done!

I feel a change afoot and this can be very good.  I have not yet decided whether making New Year’s resolutions will be a part of my life going forward.  For 2014, I am content to make improvements, to nourish and grow the good and discard that which no longer fits or serves a necessary purpose.  There will be no gigantic stops and starts, only continued navigation on the course that lies ahead.  Yes, there will be allowances for surprises, setbacks, joys and disappointments.  When a change of course is required, I pray for the wisdom to adjust.  In the midst of staying the course lies hopes, desires and even a few magical wishes.  They are not the goal but oh boy would they be nice to have!

Perhaps I will one day return to making resolutions but with an approach similar to noted theologian Jonathan Edwards. Edwards wrote resolutions over a two-year period on various aspects of his life which he resolved to review each week.  I say this is a much better approach to resolutions.

You see, the process of making resolutions on the first day of the New Year and often expecting to accomplish them in painfully unreasonable time is a setup for esteem crashing failure.  I have no plans to engage in what can begin to feel like an emotional circus soon into the New Year.  Instead, I will stay the course and adjust, flex, bend and adjust!

Happy New Year!

Tracy (Reindeer Dreams)