Olaf Hajek Happy Holidays

Olaf Hajek is a world renown master illustrator and artist who turns out incredibly stunning and visually appealing artwork featuring bold colors and themes ranging from nature to magical realism in folkloric images.  Perhaps the best way to describe his work is as an immensely satisfying visual feast.

I became familiar with Hajek’s work accidentally when I purchased a copy of the book ‘Black Antoinette’ which sent me on a mission to locate an earlier version of his illustrations called ‘Flowerhead.’  I was sorry to find ‘Flowerhead’ was out of print and extremely difficult to track down…but, I’m still looking.

When I came across this ‘Happy Holidays’ illustration, I was so delighted.  Being a lover of holiday visual treats in many forms, I was filled with joy to see the incredible illustration below.  It will give me a little holiday spirit all year long.  I hopeyou love it as much as I do!

Reindeer Dreams